React Native - Zero to Mastery

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Master React Native for iOS and Android Mobile App Development using JavaScript. Learn, code, practice and develop a real time mobile app with our industry expert developer during the course period.

Red Fox Education has built a React Native course for Students and working professionals, every topic in the course has been individually made by an industry expert. The topics in the course are structured in a way that builds on the previous topics and takes a student progressively through the course.

What will you gain from our industry expert?

  1.  Become an advanced, confident, and modern React Native developer from scratch
  2.  Become job-ready by understanding how React Native really works
  3.  Create real-world native apps using React Native
  4.  Get up to speed with React design principles and methodologies
  5.  Understand the terminology and concepts
  6.  Become interview-ready

This course includes

  •  25 online classes with industry expert React Native developer
  •  25 guided activities from industry expert React Native developer
  •  Assignments and Practice sessions after the class
  •  Life time support from our tech team
  •  Certificate of completion
  •  Assistance to face interview with confidence

By the end of this course

  1.  Build mobile apps with React Native with confidence
  2.  Coding best practices and coding standards
  3.  Build beautiful user interfaces
  4.  Build reusable components
  5.  Write clean code like a pro
  6.  Face the interview with confidence

Requirements from your side

  •  A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is a plus
  •  Any computer and OS - Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • Basics
  • Array
  • Object
  • Functions
  • Block Scope
  • Default parameters
  • Spread and rest operators
  • Object shorthand, and computed properties
  • Interpolation
  • Destructuring
  • Generators
  • Promise ( async and await )
  • Promise ( all )
    • JSX
    • State and Props
    • Conditional rendering
    • Lifting state up
  • Hooks
    • didMount
    • unMount
  • Event Handling
  • Style with flex
  • API calls and backend logics
    • Actions, reducer and store
    • Redux-thunk
    • Redux-saga
    • Redux-persist
  • FireBase
    • VS code guideliness
    • Installation guide lines for Android studio
    • Installation guide lines for xCode
    • View
    • Text
    • Text input
    • Scroll View
    • Flat list
    • Image
  • Create layout with flexbox
  • Navigation
  • Handling touches
  • Integrate third party libraries
  • Final app and generate APK
5. Deployment

Online Classes (Maximum 6 students in a small batch)

25000 INR
Red Fox Education