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RED FOX Character

Red Fox is a clever boy, he is very curious and can be mischievous in school. He loves to read books and play basketball and football. His favourite food is pizza. He likes to recycle paper, plastic and glass to save the environment.

AARYAN Character

Aaryan is a funny boy, he likes to make his friends laugh and enjoys reading and playing cricket in his free time. He only eats vegetables and is a vegetarian. In his free time, he plants trees to help protect the environment and animals.

TIFFANY Character

Tiffany the mermaid lives in a giant seashell, she is a very honest and confident girl, her hobbies are swimming and dancing underwater. She is tidy and collects plastic in the sea to keep the seas clean for all the animals. She once saved a dolphin and turtle caught in a fishing net.

JADE Character

Jade is a shy but wise dragon. She likes to gain knowledge and also to help others to learn, practice and improve. She is always available to assist others making her a really great friend.

TARIT Character

Tarit is a very happy, playful cub who is very curious and enjoys learning new things.. whilst also being a bit mischievous! He has a big heart and can always be counted on to being positive to any situation.


Priya is a playful peacock who likes dancing in the rain. She has beautiful feathers. Priya loves ice-cream. She likes boxing and she practices it every day. She has fun with her friends and is very close to them. Her friends trust her and she keeps a secret well. Priya is a good student too and likes going to school. Priya never drops chocolate wrappers on the ground. She always throws them in the dustbin.

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