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Red Fox Education is an online education provider and we deliver customized learning with maximum impact by combining innovative technology with core teaching methodology.

One of our primary business models is to forge partnerships with select colleges and educational establishments with the aim of providing services and benefits for both the college and its students.

Online Class interaction

How can we help

We believe we take an innovative approach to proving our services. We do NOT say what we can do for you, instead we ask how can we help you provide the best possible learning outcomes for your students?

This is often the provision of value added additional sessions to compliment existing courses or it could be providing extra programmes outside of the college’s usual remit that also add value for students.

Red Fox Education committed to service excellence

Regardless of the package we agree with the college, or the courses and programmes we may provide, we offer these features as standard:
Expert teaching

from fully experienced, fully trained and fully committed British or Indian tutors

Integrated learning

so that students progress in all key areas in accordance with agreed requirements – listening, reading, speaking and writing, as well as developing vocabulary, improving grammar, accent reduction and bettter pronunciation

Best Quality study materials

designed by our expert content creation team from
the UK

The Red Fox Education mobile app

available to all of your students so they can study anytime, anywhere and have access to many more English learning resources.

How it works

So how does this work in a college classroom?

Well, firstly, we work with the college in setting up the necessary equipment and technology. Our experienced, passionate and committed educators deliver the lesson remotely sharing our learning platform with the students who view everything on an oversize smart TV situated in the classroom. Teachers and teaching assistants help with class management.

School Classroom

Programmes & courses

Our course offerings and wide and varied. Here is a selection of the usual programmes and course which we recommend for college students:

Business English comprehensive communication
skills course:
  • key vocabulary for business survival
  • common expressions and phrases
  • meetings and etiquette
  • presentation skills in these sessions students get the chance to deliver their own presentation
  • negotiation skills in these sessions students take part in negotiating exercises
  • writing for business emails and reports here students practise writing in real time with the tutor
  • most of all the opportunity to practise speaking with native tutors
Business English comprehensive communication skills course:
  • common questions and sample answers in these sessions you will practice delivering answers to interview questions
  • writing an effective CV (Resume) these sessions are workshop style where you write a sample CV with the tutor
IELTS courses

designed and written by former examiner from the UK; delivered by British tutors

Spoken English course

to develop and improve everyday conversational English, including group discussions, vocabulary development and more.


provision of regular webinar programme on a variety of relevant topics for example, develop better understanding of common expressions, phrases and collocations, idioms and idiomatic expression, use of phrasal verbs etc. Webinars can also be provided which cover IELTS and other test preparation, interviews, presentations and many more.

Signature Grammar courses

to improve academic English both written and spoken

Writing courses

for all levels to improve academic writing and provide help with assignments, essays and research projects.

BESPOKE courses

if you want a specific English course we can write it for you!

Benefits for Colleges

  1. The opportunity to forge mutually beneficial relationships between your college and our professional educators.

  2. Achieve the best possible outcomes for your students through combining your own expertise with that of our British tutors, thereby bringing additional perspectives and knowledge to the learning table.

  3. Access to digital resources and platforms that bring innovation to college education and ensure better learning outcomes.

  4. The Red Fox Education mobile app so that students can continue their learning journey outside of the classroom.

  5. Provision of additional programmes to increase the marketability and profile of the college.

Benefits for Students

  1. The opportunity to engage, interact, and practice English with native speaker tutors.

  2. Access to high-quality learning materials prepared to international standards.

  3. Tool-based learning opportunities via website or smartphone.

  4. The Red Fox Education mobile app to continue learning at their own pace outside of the classroom.

  5. The opportunity to prepare for IELTS and similar English proficiency tests with highly qualified and experienced British instructors (including course writers and former examiners).

Learning outcomes for Students

As they progress through lessons and interact with our British teachers students will be able to and/or attain the following:

1. Serious improvement in spoken English abilities, including fluency, coherence, cohesion, accent reduction and use of correct pronunciation features.

2. Confidently take part in conversations in English with other English users.

3. Development of vocabulary and language ability for different situations including business environments, interview technique and everyday conversations.

4. Success in international English proficiency tests, such as IELTS or PET for VISAs or university admission.

It's your choice!

Whatever your requirements we are confident that we can provide a solution!

We offer an initial consultation where our representatives will visit your college and discuss your precise requirements, explaining how Red Fox Education can help you and your students.

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