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Red Fox Education offers the industry's best English courses designed & created by experts from the United Kingdom. When you subscribe to Red Fox Education's Premium plan, you will have access to plenty of courses & learning modules. As you progress with the course & complete it, you will become proficient in all 4 modules (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening).
After subscription, you can download and access the courses, videos, audios, podcasts, stories, quizzes, speech buddy and all other premium material from the Red Fox Education mobile app, on the go.

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What will you get with the Premium Subscription?

Self Learning Courses

Learn at your own pace!

The innovative Red Fox Education Self-Study learning system - study at your own pace, at any time and any place, and choose what you want to learn! A wide range of courses are available through the Red Fox Education mobile app or our website. You can choose courses to widen your vocabulary, improve your conversational skills, learn beautiful and correct grammar, develop writing skills and much more. All ages and all ability levels are catered for, with all of our course products designed by expert British educators.

Live Online Classes

Learn with the best British and Indian tutors!

Upto 24 live online classes. Red Fox Education facilitates every individual to communicate confidently in English with engaging, interactive, and communicative teaching methods. During each live class, tutors combine interactive lesson materials, real conversations, and exercises to keep students engaged.

Certification Courses

Earn certificates to advance in your learning process!

The best part of successfully completing a project is the feeling of accomplishment. At Red Fox Education we understand that feeling. After you have completed a course successfully, you will be awarded with an excellence certificate showing that you are now proficient in that area. Once you have earned a set of these certifications, we will offer you a proficiency certificate that you can use on your resume and/or for your higher education.

Tests and Assessments

Assess your learning progress!

After the completion of a lesson, a chapter or an entire course, take a test and assess yourself on the progress you have made. This will keep you motivated to learn more and help track your progress on the go. And, if you are not happy with your test scores or think that you can do better, you can always take a quick glance at the lesson and take a test again, or however many times you might want. Continue learning and assessing yourself at repeated intervals to learn from your mistakes, gain confidence and communicate in English like a pro.


Listen and learn English!

Best podcasts and series of episodes by British and Indian podcasters. These podcasts will give you the language and the confidence you need to hold conversations in spoken English relevant to each of the topics. If you are worried that your English is limited then these podcasts will help your conversation become more colorful, more vivid, and more interesting.


Test your knowledge on various topics!

What is a better way to have both fun and test your knowledge! We offer quizzes on a wide range of topics covering grammar and vocabulary. When you are feeling bored or looking for something fun yet informative to do, tap on the Red Fox Education app and take one or all of our many quizzes and chase away your boredom while learning something new.


Fun and learning achieved through interactive stories!

We provide a wide range of engaging stories featuring our unique educational characters, Red Fox and his friends: Tiffany the Mermaid, Jade the Dragon, Aaryan the Cow, Priya the Peacock and Tarit the Tiger; all of which are exclusive to Red Fox Education. Most educators agree that reading stories is the best way to build vocabulary and reading aloud helps develop spoken English skills and pronunciation features. Our series provides interesting stories which have proved to be very popular and engaging for our younger students while promoting the essential values of friendship and inclusiveness.


Watch and learn from the experts

As much as we study using texts, it is always easier with a video. Understand the complex concepts of grammar with ease by watching our pre recorded videos by our British experts. Detailed explanation of the various concepts that act as an additional guide to the courses. Also, you can watch the stand alone videos created by our British tutors to equip yourself with the knowledge of different topics in English. An additional gain, is that watching videos from native speakers also help improve your listening skills, that in turn help you gain a British accent.


Read articles on English related topics

Reading is no doubt the key to better vocabulary. It also helps improve fluency. Our blogs are written by English language enthusiasts who also keep themselves updated on the day to day matters and changes happening in the education society. Also read about some interesting English facts and fun, that not only educate but also humor you in an intellectual way.


Classics from around the world

With our ever changing lives and society, so is the content. Stories, articles and ebooks are all based on the world we live in today - the words, ideas and slangs. But, as much as it is necessary to keep ourselves in sync with the present & the future, it is equally important to learn from history. The old classics will open up to you a wide range of vocabulary, ancient slangs and also an understanding of the evolution of language.

Speech Buddy

Topic-based English practice partner

Experience 'Speech Buddy' a very engaging self-practice English learning module in the 'Red Fox Education' app. This is a fun and engaging learning module specially designed to help you learn and practice English conversation the British way. With regular practice it helps you improve your British English accent and pronunciation. You can learn, listen, practice, and challenge conversations with Red Fox on various topics.

We keep working continuously to release English courses at frequent intervals to help you improve your learning journey. Many more courses coming soon.

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